Thursday, October 31, 2013

DJ Klyph presents... The Movement

It would be easy to just point you to my Twitter, Facebook, website, Instagram...

It's amazing really all of the avenues available to get to "connect" with artist nowadays. But on the real, there is nothing like building community person-to-person. This is what we do, peep the visuals:

It's really become a special part of how we work, artists coming through and doing what they do LIVE!

Matty representing in the Neighborhood at KZME.


An artist who really needs no introduction to fans of WTTN - Luck-One

Just two of the artists representing the northwest hip hop scene that you should be up on for sure. Tune in every Tuesday great music and great conversation and you can always join the conversation by calling in or connecting on social media.

Upcoming guests include Emily Berkey, TxE, Mike Bogan, Stewart Villain...the list continues to grow along with the community.

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Be blessed,


pets without legs: THE CABIN PROJECT

On October 4, I had the pleasure to meet the three lovely individuals that make up The Cabin Project:  Katie, Adam and Zanny. The band came out to 1071 FM KZME to chat with James Dineen, host of Friday's The Lunch Box, about their new CD, Heliotrope. The project was funded by a call for support put out by the band. You can hear the KZME interview and in studio performance here.

I was immediately struck by how nice all there of them are.  I mean, all the folks who come out to visit with us are nice, but these three were so nice I wanted to ask them if I could join the band and be their new best friend.

I attended the CD release show at Mississippi Studios later that night and what a party it was!  It was clear that I was not the only one who felt all warm and fuzzy to share in the band's celebration of releasing their second album.  Fans, like myself, fed off the great energy coming off the stage as the band performed songs off of their new album and no one wanted them to stop playing.  Don't you just love it when that happens at a show?

Click here for photos.

Here is a video of one of my favorite songs on the new album, called The Lining:

Heliotrope is a never-ending magical journey lead by what feels like a village of people who just know where we are headed.  You can clearly feel the majesty and the down home connection between the words, the music and the music makers. Purchase the CD and listen to it during a blustery Pacific Northwest winter day or during a summer drive to the beach.  You will feel better.  Promise.


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