Monday, December 30, 2013


I have something to tell you, something I didn't remember until just now. Here it is: I have never written about music before. It's hard to write about things you don't know, and while I might know about music as a thing that exists, I don't really know how it's made or how it works. But, y'know, whatever, y'know?

(pic.) BLOUSE, thinking about stuff

Hey, have you heard Imperium, the sophomore album from BLOUSE? You should check it out, man. Especially if you need to buckle down and get something done.

Charlie Hilton's voice floats around in the back of your head for the whole album. She and the rest of the band are trying to hypnotize you with the title track, a steady, dreamy little number punctuated with grindey acousticish guitar noises and a regular ol' drum kit. Drum machines are present in some other songs, but only for dramatic effect. Additionally, the latter half of the album has cellos in it, which is fucking awesome.

The people pictured above just got finished with a tour through Europe and are gearing up for another one through North America, this time opening for Dum Dum Girls. They'll be at the Doug Fir Lounge on August 6th of next year; will you be ready??


(Tour Dates and More Info)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Who's That Stranger in my Blog?

Listeners and Readers! Hello! My name is Patrick, and I'm going to be dwelling in your blog from now on. I hope that's okay with you, because it's a very nice blog and I don't intend on leaving now that I'm all unpacked. Even if I'm just the Joey Gladstone to your Full House, I'm thrilled to be a part of the KZME family of volunteers.

Whew, okay. Introductions.

What can be said about me? Not much, I'm afraid. I have no writing credits, I don't play any instruments that don't involve hitting things with sticks, and I spend a lot of my free time trying to be funny on raised platforms in dive bars. I'm going to do my best in not trying to be funny in my future blog posts. We'll see how that goes.

As of now, I have a new album to put into my ears. You folks will get to read my take on it very soon. Exciting? Yes, very. As of now now, I am running out of computer time at the library, which means I'll be washing my hands and flitting off into the night. Good meeting you!

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

DJ Klyph presents... The Movement

Peace world! The Neighborhood continues to grow with new residents every week and the Portland hip hop scene is getting more recognition from around the country.

Since we last spoke, Portland based DJ Zimmie passed through the station for his first visit to the Neighborhood and he brought DJ Excel and DJ Impulse along. Excel and Impulse form the production due Alfa Paare and played an exclusive track "Sylvia" from their upcoming project on the show. We also heard some great stories of the life of a traveling DJ and some of the history of the NE DJ scene.

DJ Zimmie and DJ Impulse
DJ Excel and DJ Zimmie
You can catch DJ Zimmie spinning in your favorite spot right here in Portland. Check out for a schedule of upcoming events and some pretty cool mixes available for free download.

Local journalist Emily Berkey made an appearance in the Neighborhood and flipped the script interviewing me. It was truly and honor to have her as Emily has interviewed some big names in hip hop including Big K.R.I.T., 9th Wonder and Too Short to name a few.
Emily is truly a professional when it comes to making folk feel comfortable sharing their story. She hosted Sunday Night Hip Hop Slow Jams for KZBR FM and you can catch more of her interviews via YouTube: Emily Interviews.

Big ups to Ibeth Hernandez aka Strictly Bizz for continuing to introduce me to good musicians and great people. Soar Losers made an appearance in the Neighborhood and man what a good time. The crew consists of Neighborhood resident Stewart Villain and first time visitors Myke Bogan, Manny Monday and Tre Redeau. 

The crew was thick that night and even though it was the first visit for a number of these guys, it felt like family for real. We played exclusive material from Manny, took the greatest number of callers in WTTN history from people showing love to Myke [and the crew] and continued the tradition of of artists doing live verses on the air. Peep the clips:

Myke Bogan made a major announcement while on the show, he's re-releasing Pretty Hesh and this time including two new tracks including a Stewart Villain remix of Kushberry Pancakes!

Remember you can always catch any episodes on WTTN that you may have missed or just want to re-experience via the podcast an

Coming up on WTTN Neighborhood residents TxE will spend a couple of hours playing beats and talking about their latest project TxE vs. PRTLND which features G_Force flipping samples of some of Portland's favorites indie rock bands and MCs Tope* and EPP effortlessly spilling rhymes. Tune in this coming Tuesday December 3rd - a good time is promised.

Also this month, visits from OnlyOne and 9DM as they are promoting their latest release, Abadawn as he prepares for his west coast tour, Commenter-E passes through just before the Christmas holiday. You may remember he hung out last year and debuted his single "Happy Hollerdays" on the show.

We'll also have Seattle MC and member of Oldominion Xperience calling in from the road as he's on tour promoting his latest release "Revelations" and an in studio visit from Glenn Waco of The resistance. Sending 2013 off kinda nice!

Continue to tune in every Tuesday night from 8-10pm and spread the word.

Until next time!