Thursday, June 30, 2011

three7: Summertime in the mighty Northwest

Good music all over, and this summer is going to be nuts with all the events here in the northwest, starting with Foodwars 4! Tomorrow night, July 1st Ozone's Hip Hop Showcase is back collecting cans to feed local families for the fouth year in a row. Check out the press release:


    • Over 700 people are expected to show up this Friday, July 1st for Foodwars4, a canned food drive/ Hip-Hop festival benefiting Impact NW. The goal of the event is to raise 20,000 non-perishable food items to be donated directly to the bellies of hungry children via Impact NW’s Sun School Program which targets childhood hunger directly in local schools. 1 in 4 children in the Portland area regularly miss meals and the Foodwars campaign is designed specifically to supplement the available resources.
More than 20 local Hip-Hop acts are scheduled to appear including Portland icon CoolNutz. The idea of Foodwars is to see which artists can generate the most response from each individual fanbase to the question “got cans?”. 
Last year, in one night, the combined efforts of the community raised over 9,000 cans. 

for more info visit

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Ozone was in studio a few a while ago talking about the event which KZME is proud to be a sponsor of. You can check out the whole interview here, but here's a little behind the scenes video:

Ozone on Welcome to the Neighborhood

Anthony Sanchez (Runaway Productions) Philip Haleen (Taxidermy Records) and Greg Orman (BRH Production) spent some time at the station talking about Fire In The Canyon - a three day festival featuring some of the best local and national hip hop, rock and electronica acts. Check out the link here for a list of just some of the artists scheduled to perform. You can also catch the interview via podcast at the KZME website, or on iTunes.

Be sure to stay tuned to 107.1FM for more announcements as this summer is shaping up to be pretty amazing with festivals and new releases, and listen to KZME every Tuesday night from 9-11pm for Welcome to the Neighborhood.

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Be blessed!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Local Artist Speaks: Hurtbird

Hurtbird is an eclectic ensemble, if you will, with a mixture of rock, hip hop and folk sounds. the band name comes from the old poem The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner about the first word uttered after an albatross was shot with the arrow. The band is busy touring these days, but I caught up with Ryan Hayes, front man of the band, to find out more about 'em. The band is one of four playing at the KZME benefit show on July 15 at The Doug Fir Lounge. More info here.



How long have you lived in the Portland area? i have lived in Portland for 9 years, Hurtbird has been together for 5 years

Give us a brief history of your band/project: Having shared stages with Themselves, Menomena, Why?, Anti-Pop Consortium, Buck 65, Subtle, Talkdemonic and Astronautalis, it’s safe to say Hurtbird has parked their inner tube in the experimental end of the musical pool. At live shows, you’ll notice a select few in the back of the room feverishly scratching their heads attempting to classify their genre while the remaining few hundred are dancing, shouting and enjoying the hell out of the live set. It’s not quite like anything you’ve heard before… not that the band sounds alien or from another planet. In fact, when you describe frontman, Ryan Hayes, as a person you might more easily capture the basis of their sound. Hayes, a quiet man and poet by training, spends his days divided between the city and country working as a carpenter that specializes in crafting beautiful items from discarded wood. When he takes the stage though, he’s a beast of a man transformed; delivering his verses with a gruff, lyrical prowess on par with any MC in the biz. Backed with a warm, live band their sound is energetically flushed out with swelling, golden-voiced choruses (courtesy of Hurtbird’s second voice, Mike Man), bass heavy drum beats, samples, crackling guitars and atmospheric keyboards. Always energetic on stage, one of the more commonly heard comments after shows is “I love it when the big man dances!”

Taking their name from the old poem The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner about the first word uttered after an albatross was shot with the arrow, Hurtbird’s newest record piles flowing vocals atop an organic tapestry of weirdness. On Nature Vs. City, songs like “Dune” and “Weave A Web” capture the essence of the album’s title. Those two, along with parts of many others, contrast the organic with the futuristic in a way that is the heart and blood of the Hurtbird sound. “I Like My Bike” will easily become a two-wheel anthem for bike enthusiasts round the world with it’s ode to cycling. The album’s sound culminates with the final track, “Dear Wooden One”. The song starts with a mellow organ line, the click of drumsticks against one another and Haye’s soft spoken word. Gradually, the song turns on it’s ear and takes on a frantic tone layered with crackling electronics and a massive chorus before outro-ing back to Hayes voice letting the listener know that “dear wooden one, you are the one and only.”

Nature Vs. City represents a true love for the creative process. Discarding the rules and following true freedom in music, the band casually borrows at will from the sacred grounds of hip hop, folk, post-rock and more.

What’s the first song you ever learned to play? The first song i ever learned to play was Another One Bites The Dust by Queen, although i really just knew the bass line. as far as Hurtbird is concerned we have always wrote and played our own songs.

What’s your favorite local venue to play? To see other bands? The Woods

Speaking of other bands, who do you like on the Portland music scene? Loch Lomond, Brothers Young, Ash Black Buffalo, Tu Fawning, Y La Bamba, Laura Gibson, PCP, Menomena, Ages and Ages, this list could go on and on!

Tell us about a recent “Only in Portland” moment you might have had: i am not sure that i have seen something happen or heard of something happening and said "only in Portland".
maybe that is a testament to what a great city we live in, nothing is to surprising at this point! The public display of artistic dedication and personal freedom in this town is amazing!

Finish this sentence: “I cannot live without_____” a creative outlet.
Octopus Entertainment

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Local Artist Speaks: Water & Bodies

Water & Bodies released their debut album, Light Year, in February of this year and they have been quite busy ever since with touring.

They are one of the bands performing at our benefit show on July 15 at The Doug Fir Lounge, and I thought I'd ask one of the guys a bit more about the band and such.

Meet.....Water & Bodies!


How long have you lived in the Portland area? - well hot damn it will be 10 years in June.

Give us a brief history of your band/project: We are 4 best friends. We've been playing music together for many moons. We still laugh at farts. Still trying to take over the world.

What’s the first song you ever learned to play? Me personally it was either Message in a Bottle by The Police or Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix.

What’s your favorite local venue to play? To see other bands? I'm going to say Doug Fir is my favorite venue in this city to perform or see a band. I just love the vibe and sound of that room. I've seen a heavy ass band like ISIS sound amazing there and I've seen Kaki King destroy her acoustic in that place!

Speaking of other bands, who do you like on the Portland music scene? Portland is about to erupt! Kinda like Seattle in the 90's, but all the bands are a bit more diverse. We love so many bands from this city, if we start naming we're going to leave someone out then they'll be mad at us. We have nothing but love for this scene!

Tell us about a recent “Only in Portland” moment you might have had. I was at a first Thursday and I crossed the street passing a homeless man drinking a malt liquor beverage right in front of a cop stopped at the light. The cop did nothing. Only in Portland.

Finish this sentence: “I cannot live without_____” Music, Beer, and Sex.

Find them:

Management & Booking Contact:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Local Artist Speaks: BOY EATS DRUM MACHINE

Jon Ragel is Boy Eats Drum Machine. Its just him and some fancy gadgets that put together some clever music that makes your foot start tapping. You just can't help yourself. The next moment you will find yourself shaking your booty to the beat and a smile plasters itself on your beaming face.

Jon performed at our KZME pre-launch event late last year and was just in our MetroEast Community Media studios to record a segment for Music on the Air. He'll be joining three other fabulous bands on July 15 for a benefit show for KZME radio (Octopus Entertainment is putting together that fine show). Meet....Boy Eats Drum Machine!

How long have you lived in the Portland area?

My whole life. I was born at Bess Kaiser and grew up in the East Tabor, Montavilla, and Laurelhurst neighborhoods. I went to Benson Tech High School. Currently, my wife and I live in the upper Hawthorne area and I work on lower SE Division.

Give us a brief history of your band/project:

I started BEDM to experiment with song writing and sounds. I hand made my debut, Pleasure in the fall of 2005. I've since released 4 more full length LPs--two on Portland's Tender Loving Empire. I've also toured across the country twice and down to Texas once for SXSW, where I plugged my entire turntable/beats rig and a microphone into a boat's sound system via one RCA cable.

What’s the first song you ever learned to play?

I started playing guitar when I was 16. My first move was to write a song for my buddy about how his little sister was cute. He was ungrateful. Audience response has improved since then though.

What’s your favorite local venue to play? To see other bands?

My basement is the still my fav. I live to make music down here. Several other Portland spots are tied for second. I like house parties for live bands too. As long as the cymbals aren't too loud and the vocals aren't too distorted, house parties have the most raucous, organic sound.

Speaking of other bands, who do you like on the Portland music scene?

My favs are Menomena and Talkdemonic. During the week, I'm a massage therapist, and my playlists at work include Deelay Ceelay, Laura Gibson, Alela Diane, Point Juncture, WA, Eskimo and Sons, and Typhoon.

Tell us about a recent “Only in Portland” moment you might have had.

When my buddy from Scotland visited, my wife and I took he and his family to Voodoo Donuts. I talked him into splitting a Cock-N-Balls with me. "They're the best", said I. "The doughyness-to-cream ratio is perfect."

Beth (my wife) wanted the first bite though, so she yanked a hole into the tip. Just then, two jets of cream filling shot forth, streaming onto my face and glasses with a splat. We laughed. We giggled. We laughed again. Then somebody handed me a few napkins.

Finish this sentence: “I cannot live"

three7: Luck-One Sounds Of My City (prod. By Chi Duly)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Local Artist Speaks: LEWI LONGMIRE

Lewi Longmire is known as the musician's 'go to guy' because he's a multifaceted musician and, well, a really nice guy.

He's played with local greats like Little Sue, Michael Jodell and the Freak Mountain Ramblers as well as national superstars like Victoria Williams and Minus 5.

Lewi's got a new CD coming out at the end of the month. On June 25, Tales of the Left Coast Roasters will be released with a show at The Woods.

Meet....Lewi Longmire!!!!


How long have you lived in the Portland area?
Oh, around 13 1/2 years. I moved here from New Mexico at the beginning of October 1997.

Give us a brief history of your band/project:

My main band, the one which shares my name, The Lewi Longmire Band, is a blue-collar rock and roll power trio in the classic vein. The brief(?) history is: I moved to Portland with a band, which broke up soon thereafter. Tired of touring, I "retired" from music for a bit, but was immediately lured back in, and ended up playing guitar, keys, or bass with several local bands. Around 2004/5 I figured it was time to start playing some of the songs I'd written myself. After a few revolving lineups, the band settled as myself on guitar, vocals and songs, Bill Rudolph (Little Sue, the Crackpots) on bass and vocals and Ned Folkerth (Caleb Klauder Band) on drums. Our music is kind of like a rootsy version of Grand Funk Railroad. I think it's silly calling it the Lewi Longmire Band (since as a trio, the other two fellows add an incredible amount to the music- it's not just me), but the boys refuse to take a name. Sometimes, our lineup is augmented by other folks and friends and I call us The Left Coast Roasters.

What’s the first song you ever learned to play?

I had some kind of Beatles "simple guitar" book, I'm sure it was "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" or something like that. I also recall being particularly excited when I learned how to play the big, chunky Jimi Hendrix "Purple Haze" chord.

What’s your favorite local venue to play? To see other bands?

I'm certainly prejudiced, as I book music for the Laurelthirst Pub, and I wouldn't be able to do a job like that, inviting folks to come play there, if I didn't think it's just a super super cool place to play/see music. I like the intimacy and immediacy of the place, and like the 'roadhouse' feel (again, I'm from rural New Mexico) as opposed to clean rock clubs. If you can stand being in a crowded room, it's the best.

That said, though, I love the sound at the Doug Fir (especially when Mick is at the board). I think the Alberta Rose is a really cool small theater, it's especially good for mellower, nuanced music. I think The Woods is one of the more comfortable venues in town... I appreciate a good couch. There's plenty of others, most of the venues in town are all different and have something good going, and if you're looking for a specific vibe, there's a room for it here.

I also miss Satyricon and La Luna.

Speaking of other bands, who do you like on the Portland music scene?

Admittedly, I don't get a chance to get out and see other music nearly as much as I'd like, my "blue collar" musician status usually has me playing 3 or more nights per week, so I'm not as up on the scene as I could be.

I'm a roots-rock head primarily, and some of the younger crop in town right now are really turning me on: Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside and The Parson Red Heads come immediately to mind. The Monarques, Nick Jaina (is he still considered local?), Old Light, The Don of Division Street, Denver, anything Mike Coykendall or Dave Depper has a hand in is worth checking out.

That's a really tough question, actually, as this town is literally FILLED with excellent bands/musicians.

Tell us about a recent “Only in Portland” moment you might have had.

Hmmm. I don't want to get too Portland-centric about things, I DO feel that this is an amazing town and unlike most anywhere else, but I'm sure we're not the only cool town in a vacuum.

I do seem to see folks around here riding unicycles and juggling or playing guitar... as they're commuting to work. I don't know that I've ever been someplace where I've seen THAT on an almost daily basis.

Finish this sentence: “I cannot live without_____”
I cannot live without trying every day to become more focused, grounded and respectful of the world, myself and others. Otherwise, what's the point?

I cannot live without hope. But I like rock and roll, too!

Find more of Lewi on his web site:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

three7: People, people...

It's been a busy few weeks with lots of guests in studio on Welcome to the Neighborhood, and you know this is the spot to get caught up on local hip hop - welcome back to three7!

Mid-May saw digital label owner and promoter Kenny Fresh of Fresh Selects stop in to talk about the return of the blog that really is so much more. With releases from G-Force and Illmaculate to the compilation This Is Portland Vol 1.5, releases from Waajeed and more all free downloads for you listening pressure. Be sure to stop by on the regular as Kenny has promised some great surprises over the next several months.

DJ Doc Adam of Ante Up was also in the house talking about the process of mixing This Is Portland, Dj'ing in and around Portland and preparations for his latest release and east coast tour. You can keep up with all his moves at

Animal Farm has been getting much deserved love from all over the world for their latest release Culture Shock Gen.Erik, Serge Severe, Fury and Hanif Wondir all came through after being on the road in Seattle and getting ready for the Portland album release party. Playing select cuts from album they talked about the production process, videos they've completed, working with hip hop legends KRS-One, Talib Kweli DJ Rob Swift and the local hip hop scene. Stay up on these guys on the Focused Noise blog.

June kicked off with a visit from producer/MC/DJ Theory Hazit as we talked about his many projects and guest spots including the alter ego Three. Theory has collaborated with so many artists from the Portland area that he is quickly becoming a fixture on the local hip hop scene. You can check out records he did on the This Is Portland project for just a sample. Be sure to follow Theory on twitter.

We also played cuts from IAME of Sandpeople/Oldominion. His latest project LAME has been generating a buzz already and he's preparing for the album release here in Portland this weekend. Check out Heaven Noise for updates.

This summer promises to be a great one with more new releases and great concert events, so be sure to tune in on Tuesday nights form 9-11pm to 107.1FM to stay updated.

Be blessed,


WTTN is available on and on iTunes

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Local Artist Speaks: JON GARCIA

I met Jon several months back when I heard about a film he was directly that included some great local music. The movie is called Tandem Hearts and its about a couple who move to Portland and discover some interesting things about each other in the City of Roses. KZME sponsored a fun event at The Doug Fir Lounge that included the showing of some clips and live performances by some of the bands featured on the soundtrack.

The movie is slated to come out some time this year,in the meantime, meet...Jon Garcia!


How long have you lived in the Portland area? I lived here 7 years.

Give us a brief history of your band/project: I started playing with a 5 piece band about 5 years ago, then as I started making films and getting busier with video I had less time to keep a band together. I started playing solo 2 years ago, then I met Raelyn Olson, who is a fantastic harp player and we now are a duo.

What’s the first song you ever learned to play? The first song I ever learned to play was "Come as you are" by Nirvana.

What’s your favorite local venue to play? To see other bands? I love to play at The Woods.

Speaking of other bands, who do you like on the Portland music scene? I like We're From Japan, and No Kind of Rider, and Loch Lomond. There are countless others, but that's who comes to mind right off the bat.

Tell us about a recent “Only in Portland” moment you might have had. A guy rode past me on one of those tall bicycles, I ran into all of my ex girlfriends in an hour and a barista acted like I was inconveniencing her by asking her for an espresso.

Finish this sentence: “I cannot live without family/music/film".

To keep tabs on Jon:

To hear my interview with Jon and a couple of the other fellows involved in the film:

ArtclecticPDX - February 6 2011