Friday, January 27, 2012

three7: Welcome to the Neighborhood is back - LIVE!

It's been a minute, but I'm back LIVE on 107.1FM KZME with Welcome to the Neighborhood, still on Tuesday nights, but now airing from 7-9pm pacific and still bring you that local, local. One of the greatest advantage of airing live is better opportunities to interact with you, the listeners. But even better than that, it's I get the chance to invite many of the artists you've been hearing on the show to come and hang out at the station. That way you get a peak behind the music, a look into the writing process, the production, how an artists prepares for performing, and a lot of times just some real cool stories.

I've been blessed to have local talent like Animal Farm, SlimKid3, Tony Ozier as well as folk just passing through like Spice1, Kev Brown and LMNO. Label owners like Kenny Fresh of Fresh Selects, promoters like Anthony Sanchez of Runaway Productions, Magazine owner The Kid Espi, record store owner DJ KEZ - the list goes on. I'm looking forward to inviting more artists on to share with you there music and their stories.

On February 7th, Destro Destructo of Oldominion is scheduled to stop by as we continue to showcase the monthly offering of the project produced by CashFlow (R.I.P). Then on February 21st, a special guest will be stopping by to share a new project that has the potential to take this NW movement to a whole-notha-level. On February, local MC and producer Tope of Living Proof and TxE will be by to talk about his upcoming release and his new label, then the following week Epp, a second 1/3 of TxE will be by to talk about his next project. And that's only the beginning. I'm also looking forward to having J-Ritz and Saywords, Cool Nutz, DJ O.G. One and so many more.

Welcome to the Neighborhood on KZME is a show about local artists for the entire community, so hit me up on the Facebook fan page of on Twitter @djklyph and let me know who you'd like to hear from.

If you are local artist looking for airplay, check out the KZME website for info on how to submit music at

Until next time, be blessed.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Music Break

Last night (Thursday, 19th) at the Doug Fir, I got the chance to see the hard rockin' duo, The Pack A.D. Thanks to drummer Maya Miller and guitarist/vocalist Becky Black, I was able to forget about the past week of dismal weather and get a much needed energy boost.
Originally from Vancouver, B.C., this show was the first time The Pack A.D. has played in Portland in over a year. It was also their first concert of '12, and they made it a great one. With a polished garage rock feel, they sound a bit like Sleater-Kinney meets the White Stripes. They flowed from one high energy song to the next seamlessly and kept the crowd in a frenzy from beginning to end. A song to note was "Sirens" off of their latest record, Unpersons. A juxtaposition of heavier guitar sounds and the haunting voice of Becky Black, this song is one of their more popular ones for a reason.
In between songs, drummer Maya Miller kept us entertained with funny stories of Justin Bieber toothbrushes and almost having to cancel the show due to the freak weather. ( Their original opening band was snowed in in Seattle.)
I'm sure we will be hearing more and more from the Pack A.D.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Music with Lisa

Today is the official release of Pancake Breakfast’s new single, “PortlandtownUSA.” This past Friday (January 13), I had the opportunity to attend the sold out Pancake Breakfast Record Release Party at Jimmy Mak’s in downtown Portland. This was an amazing evening that showcased the band’s infectious feel good music they have become so well known. So good in fact, the crowd couldn’t help but to dance and whoop it up a bit. Just in case you’ve never heard of Pancake Breakfast, they are an amazing roots, rock, knee slapping, foot stomping, band from Portland Oregon that puts on one of the most enjoyable live performances you’ll see around town. I had a chance to catch up with Pancake Breakfast front man, Mike Midlo, to ask him a few questions about the new song and his current tour by train:

Can you tell me a little about your new single “PortlandtownUSA” and how you came to write this sort of love song to Portland?

PortlandtownUSA. It wasn't on purpose. This song just spilled-out one day while sitting at my kitchen table, looking out the window at my drippy neighborhood. "Ha, it's a polka!" I thought. In essence, it's a song about learning to appreciate the place you are. I just happened to be in Portland, it could have just as easily been called "VancouvertownUSA" or "FargotownUSA" (which the train is fast approaching as I write). There's a long tradition of love songs dedicated to hometowns. Portland is all part of that heritage. Ramblin' Jack Eliott's road buddy (and native Oregonian) Derroll Adams wrote the very sad war ballad, "Portland Town." You can find it on YouTube. There are a bunch of Portland songs. Our tune is just the latest in the line.

What do you love about the Portland music scene?

Here's what I love about the Portland music scene; Everyone supports each other. KZME is part of that!

How long have you been involved in the P-Town music scene and how has it changed since you first started playing here?

The first Pancake Breakfast show was November 2007 at the World Famous Kenton Club. I was horrible. Told myself I'd never play live again. The music scene is constantly changing and evolving. Bands come and go, venues come and go but, Portland continues to thrive and produce a cornucopia of interesting and challenging new music. We're a generator of culture rather than a promoter of pop culture I think. Also, I see a trend for shows to start earlier, which I think is good for everyone ... especially the day job crowd.

Tell me a little about you upcoming train tour and why you choose to travel by train?

I'm riding from sea to shining sea! Touring is expensive. I wanted to bring the whole band on tour (they wanted to come too!) but I couldn't figure-out how to feed them all. So, I'm treating this tour like shoveling the driveway for the first time. I'll do it solo. I'll play these shows back east, and if goes well, maybe next time will be easier. Besides the train sounded like fun. Plus, I wouldn't have to sleep in my car in January. Brrr.

To learn more about Pancake Breakfast and to hear their new release, visit their website at

- Lisa Avena

Friday, January 13, 2012

three7: Terminill presents PDX: Pass The Mic

What up world!? Happy New Year! Things are jumping off in 2012 with new music, new events, it's shaping up to be a pretty good year already. It's been cool playing brand new music each week early in the year, and I'm so excited to finally share a project I heard about a few months back. Local producer/engineer/manager and owner of Flatline Studios is letting the world in on his next project showcasing talent from Portland Oregon.

In 2010, Terminill and fellow producer Sonny teamed up as Northe'n Lights to bring us Cut 'Em or Pay 'Em, an 18 track mix of hip hop and soul featuring some of the best up and coming artists, as well as veterans, most who reside right here in the Portland metro area. Now Term is back with a new project entitled Flat Line Studios Compilation Vol. 1 featuring some familiar names, but again taking this opportunity to introduces some fresh faces. Check out the first video, the title cut Pass The Mic below.
Who said Portland doesn’t have emcees? Produced by Terminill for Flatline Studios, Pass The Mic is the city’s ultimate rap cipher and the opening track for Flatline Studios Complilation Vol. 1. Inspired by the Pepsi Smash campaign of late, the crisp audio-video collaboration puts 8 of the city’s hottest, most explosive rappers on display.

Serge Severe (of Animal Farm) leads off repping Portland on an incendiary digital beat loop, and makes way for Th3ory Hazit (Humble Beast) and Jon Belz (Chill Crew) to work magic on the track. A quick skip in the beat and it’s time for Luck One (of Seventh Science) to add his bit before Quiz Zilla flirts with double-time flows. Next, Mila Gordana adds a woman’s touch with her distinctively sultry sound before Cassow gets in it, leaving the final verse for Braille (Humble Beast) to drop knowledge.

With this project, Portland becomes the latest in a long line of cities to create a Pass The Mic track. Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas and Chicago have all represented their respective metropolitan areas in this manner with success. Now it’s Portland’s turn to show and prove. The associated music video – shot and directed by V1Creative – is sure to turn heads, and will hopefully attract more attention to the Northwest’s growing rap scene. In the words of Terminill, “I just want for the world to get a taste of what Portland has to offer hip-hop.” You can rest assured, this collection will not disappoint.
*NOTE: Contains Adult Language!*

For more information visit: | | | |

Until next time, y'all be blessed.